is the most reputed academic coaching in Chittagong. It’s a student-focused institution that offers an energetic and constructive learning environment. We provide the regular program for class (VI to XI) and the particular course for JSC, SSC & HSC examinee. Our head office locates in 198 Lal Chand Road, Gulzar Circle, Chwakbazar [১৯৮ লালচাঁন্দ রোড (মিষ্টি মুখের পাশের বিল্ডিং), সোনালি ব্যাংকের নীচে, গুলজার মোড়, চকবাজার, চট্টগ্রাম] in the heart of the Chittagong City. We have two other branches in Chittagong and two branches in Mymensingh.

Since 2008, our students have continually registered outstanding results in their exams. Our excellent pool of instructors, comprehensive courseware and the highest number of practice tests lead towards a complete preparation. Dedicated and interactive instructions in small classroom settings for personal care ensure best results. In 2008, we started our journey with only three students, and now we have thousands of students for our different courses.

We invite you to visit our office, to know about our courses and distinctive spirit of .